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... 5435 Specification for liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) ... NZS 5428 Code of Practice for the use of LPG for domestic purposes in caravans and boats ... by Standards NZ, with membership from GANZ; LPGA (LPG Association), GES (Gas Equipment Suppliers ...
http://www.ganz.org.nz/standards · 3719 days ago

Gas Fields and Production

... 2005, excluding gas reinjected or flared and LPG extracted, was 150.4 PJ. ...
http://www.ganz.org.nz/gas-fields-and-production · 3719 days ago


... and the draft NZEECS: Comments from the Gas and LPG Associations ...
http://www.ganz.org.nz/submissions · 3680 days ago

Gas Safety Forum

... the Gas Association, LPG Association, GUI, ...
http://www.ganz.org.nz/gas-safety-forum · 3716 days ago

GANZ Media Releases

... Using gas and LPG for water and space heating, instead of ... a new study which was commissioned by the Gas and LPG Associations (GANZ and LPGA), and undertaken by ... “The research shows that direct use of gas and LPG is one of the lowest CO2 emitting energy sources ... The research demonstrates that using gas and LPG instead of electricity for water and space ... by 1.7 million tonnes pa within a decade,” said LPGA executive director, Peter Gilbert. The ... CO2, energy efficiency and cost impacts of gas/LPG appliances with alternatives in the residential, ... director, Stephen Parker, said the gas and LPG industries have long maintained that New Zealand ... be part of the overall energy policy mix.” LPG Association president, Albert de Geest, says the ... reinforces the case for greater use of gas and LPG. “The report highlights quite clearly that ... use of gas and LPG is a strategic energy asset which we are ... report is available on www.ganz.org.nz and www.lpga.org.nz For further information please ...
http://www.ganz.org.nz/media-releases · 3716 days ago

Glossary of Terms

... compliance. LPGA Liquefied ... – This is the organisation responsible for the LPG industry whether for automotive use or for ... LPGA Liquefied Petroleum ... lighting and cooking. LPG – Liquefied Petroleum Gas is a ... delivered. It is also a situation in relation to LPG cylinders where the cylinder is overfilled ... cases will be on wheels. These are usually run on LPG but may be run on compressed natural gas from a ... including pans and woks with a feed from an LPG cylinder. These can be used in camping situations ... run from Natural Gas although they can run from LPG cylinders where line gas is not available. ... Typically these are run on LPG cylinders however they may be run from natural ...
http://www.ganz.org.nz/glossary-of-terms · 3719 days ago

The Gas Act

... 5435 Specification for liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) ... NZS 5428 Code of Practice for the use of LPG for domestic purposes in caravans and boats ...
http://www.ganz.org.nz/the-gas-act · 3719 days ago

Why Use Gas?

... The Gas Association of New Zealand and the LPG Association have developed the following key ...
http://www.ganz.org.nz/why-use-gas · 3726 days ago

Latest News

... released on the Gas Association of NZ (GANZ) and LPG Association (LPGA) websites on March 28. ... over other energy forms. GANZ and the LPGA will be briefing energy policymakers, relevant ... New Zealand has plenty of natural gas and LPG for direct use in the residential and commercial ...
http://www.ganz.org.nz/latest-news · 3716 days ago

Who do I call

... Gas Man NZ Ltd LPG Association ...
http://www.ganz.org.nz/who-do-i-call · 3716 days ago